[END] 2016 EUNJI's SOLO Debut & B-day SUPPORT

by 은지비닷컴 posted Mar 19, 2016


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Hello. I'm EUNJIBEE.


Do you know this proverb?
"The early bird catches the worm"


As the saying goes, EUNJIBEE are preparing the 2016' support in advance.


- EUNJI's Birthday support
- EUNJI's SOLO DEBUT support


We don't know exactly when Eunji's solo debut will be.
But EUNJIBEE are preparing the 2016 Eunji's support in advance.


* Paypal Account : eunjibee@naver.com
* Period : ~ 2016. 08. 07

* After your participation, please send the forms to confirm.







IF you have any question, please send an email to "eunjibee@naver.com"
Thank you for your participation!


+++ Special benefit +++


We are going to choose one from March participants for special gifts 




Thank You.



- We are going to report the account status at the end of each month.
- We are preparing different benefits for each month.



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